Opal 2.0 LUXE Powder (Color Shifting)

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Opal 2.0 LUXE Powder is a cosmetic grade (FDA approved) color shifting powder designed for art OR the skin & body.  It has replaced original Opal powder with several upgrades!

What’s the difference between the two? New Opal 2.0 is safe for skin & body AND art! It gives an opalescent, crystalline effect on white, a lavender glisten on creme and an unforgettable blue/green iridescent color shift when added to black or navy! (Imagine the beautiful body of a shimmering tropical fish in the Caribbean like this photo!)

I use Opal 2.0 in my seascapes as a sneaky trick to shimmering water and oceans! Another trick is sprinkling, pouring or stirring it into geode creations, galaxy art and coasters along with LUXE 3D Bubbles!



(Watch how-to videos in the description below!)

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New Opal 2.0 LUXE Powder enhances any color of paint or resin with a shimmer and crystalline COLOR SHIFTING effect. You can expect that same glorious beauty when Opal 2.0 is used as a cosmetic!


Aside from gently and carefully pouring the powder atop your acrylic or resin creation, these powders work beautifully when stirred in your cup.


Pouring Medium + Fine Artist’s Acrylic Paint (or resin) + Any Color Luxe Metallic Powder = Life & Luster To Any Piece


Opal 2.0 LUXE Powder (Color Shifting)

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4 reviews for Opal 2.0 LUXE Powder (Color Shifting)

  1. Lee (verified owner)

    OPAL 2.0 is insane!!!! On black… with a sprinkle of copper… you’re in another galaxy! I LOVE IT! THANK YOU! 👏

  2. Carolina Johnson (verified owner)

    Wow, this powder is amazing! Color shifting, sparkly, has it all! You can’t go wrong with this or any other Luxe metallic powder!

  3. lizzsearcy715 (verified owner)

    The luxe powders are my obsession 💞 The luster and quality is impeccable. They make everything better! My favorite is Opal2.0 bc it highlights any hue! Very versatile.

  4. Helen Oakland

    I love using blues and greens in my art and Opal 2.0 on a black or navy background is stunning.
    It beautifully catches the light and colour shifts between green and blue.
    On a cream background it is a subtle lilac with equal sparkle and ability to add another dimension to my art pieces.
    Love it and use it such alot.

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