Northern Lights ALL-IN-ONE Kit

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I’m divulging secrets! I’ve gotten so many questions about my Northern Lights piece featured on ABC, I decided it was time to spill the beans!  This kit contains the same LUXE color shifting colors I use in my Northern Lights pieces!

I also use several of these colors in other color shifting pieces like my geodes and color shifting abstract flowers

This kit can be purchased on its own or along with the Celestial Skies Online Course to get you on the way to creating art that comes alive!

What’s In This Northern Lights Kit?

8 oz. BULK Borealis Blue Powder  *Color Shifts from deep teal blue to Northern Lights emerald sparkling green as you walk by it

8 oz. BULK Aurora Green Powder  *Color Shifts from bold lime green to dark green as you walk by it- holds true to the gorgeous Northern Lights photos out there!

8 oz. BULK Fire Rainbow Powder  On rare occasion during a Northern Lights show, you’ll see something called a moon rainbow or a “fire rainbow” 🔥 🌈 This new LUXE color changing powder has a bold red & orange firey effect on BLACK and a purple/green/blue shimmering rainbow effect when place on navy blue or dark purple acrylic or resin– the possibilities are ENDLESS with this color! (*See images)

8 oz. BULK Solar Purple Powder  *Color Shifts from dark, deep purple/plum to Northern Lights deep green as you walk by it

2 oz. LUXE Atlantic Powder *Our new deep and bold blue that adds depth to Northern Lights art and oceans






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Enjoy the WYNN modern art. LUXE experience with this Northern Lights  Kit in all its color shifting glory! I use this same kit of colors for my opal pieces (see video below– that wet look is non toxic LUXE WaterFX!)



Northern Lights ALL-IN-ONE Kit

1 review for Northern Lights ALL-IN-ONE Kit

  1. Federico Portalupi (verified owner)

    Hey y’all, my name is Fed I’m in Austin Texas. I wanted to shout out Victoria Wynn Because as creative as I am I had never and would have never thought of this! And, I’m obsessed. I made 3 smaller pieces testing the product and sold them with in 3 days and today I went “BRAVE MODE” and attacked a 30”x24” live on tiktok- so I just wanted to share with y’all the results of my piece. ( also, I already got a request for purchase which is insane)
    Anyways, happy to leave this review … excited to continue to learn.
    PS: buy this product! Experiment, create!

    • Victoria Wynn

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience and boy I get what you mean by “brave mode”! lol I’m loving watching your journey as an artist Federico! Keep tagging me in your creations with our LUXE products, I love seeing your personality come through in your art. 🙂

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