(Level 1) LUXE Master Class (Online Course)

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This unique LUXE Fluid Art course uses a step-by-step approach by taking the student piece by piece and part by part, on a journey of unique techniques, fun tricks and new methods of LUXE Fluid Art using ACRYLIC paints.  I teach these principles by creating gorgeous GEODES  and marbling effects throughout the whole course.

Enjoy multiple lessons and 100’s of techniques with hours of video lessons and supporting written content (including  supply lists!)  *And go at your own pace!

The (Level 1) LUXE Master Class wraps up in a GRAND FINALE GEODE VIDEO of myself (full time LUXE Fluid Artist featured on Fox TV &  ABC) stringing all the steps you’ve learned into a video where I create a gorgeous geode, talking you through each step.

NOTE: You can paint along with me through the course or watch and learn first, but whichever you choose, these videos do not disappear after a week or month as is common in online courses. All WYNN modern art. courses stay in your account waiting for you to be in the mood and mindset to play with paint!

You have access to your password protected account to watch lessons time and time again.


After placing your order, your course will be ready and waiting for you in your account DASHBOARD!

Note: Beneath each lesson is a sub category called a “TOPIC”.  Be sure to click on the “topic” tabs to find more videos and content!


ENJOY OUR NEW STARTER KITS!  https://wynnmodernart.com/product/level-1-starter-kit/


Supply List:

  • Acrylic Paint ( not craft paint ) Try Liquitex Basics or better
  • Aluminum pans   (Dollar Tree)
  • Flood Floetrol (hardware stores)
  • LUXE Metallic Powders (WynnModernArt.com/shop )
  • Optional: LUXE WaterFX for a heat resistant shiny finish coat (WynnModernArt.com/waterfx )
  • Stir Sticks for paint stirring (Dollar Tree, craft stores or Amazon)
  • Plastic cups for stirring paint (Dollar tree)
  • LUXE Crushed Mirror  (WynnModernArt.com/SHOP)
  • Paper towels and gloves for clean up and tidiness
  • Canvases (start small to practice on!)
  • An adventurous spirit!

I am asked a lot what LUXE products I recommend for this class, here ya go!


’d highly recommend these products:

Antique crushed mirror

Clear silver mirror


Gold metallic powders


Opal powder (you can choose a regular jar, large jar or bulk pack- I use a ton of it)




Prism powder



And then outside of that, choose LUXE powders and LUXE mirror that you simply love the color of





After placing your order your course will be in your account DASHBOARD ready for you to begin at your own leisure!

Note: Beneath each lesson is a sub category called a “TOPIC”.  Be sure to click on the “topic” tabs to find more videos and content! And click COMPLETE after each section to move on.


(No refunds on educational courses)

(Level 1) LUXE Master Class (Online Course)

11 reviews for (Level 1) LUXE Master Class (Online Course)

  1. Patricia Boehringer

    This class is so interesting and fun. I learned so much from Victoria. Her style of teaching is the best. Because of Victoria and her classes I found my passion…fluid art. And I love it!

  2. ediegram13 (verified owner)

    I am very new to fluid art – joining several Facebook groups when I discovered Victoria Wynn. I fell in love with her style! Her art is just amazing and luxurious. I was super excited to see that she offered online courses! She recommended this class to begin with and there are hours of sneaky tricks. She goes into so much detail on products that she uses – what you should invest in for supplies such as Luxe powders and crushed mirror which are AMAZING. And of course how to be organized so you can really focus on fluid art technique. Highly recommend the courses they are so well worth the investment!

  3. Jill Gonzales

    This class will blow your mind and what you though possible with acrylic paint! If you have been trying to get to that next level in your pouring and you’ve been admiring the beautiful Geodes circulating on FB, this is your MUST HAVE!! Victoria is the best of the best when it comes to clear, concise, fun and duplicatable instructions. Take your art to the next level with this course. You won’t be disappointed, I promise.

  4. Jill Gonzales

    I forgot to click on the Stars on my above comments, 5 ⭐️’s all day long!

  5. LARuben

    I took this class & it was phenomenal!!! Completing this course prepared me to begin an extremely fulfilling journey, which had just begun…. Take this course & see where it leads you…. You will not be disappointed, extremely worth the money!!

  6. Cassie Mitchell (verified owner)

    I started this course with, honestly, a different direction planned. My goal was resin art but I had no art background and money was tight. I had been following WYNN modern art. for some time while researching products of high quality and was in love with her LUXE metallic powders. When she released this course the time and price was right. I set off to build my skills in art… still planning a future with resin.

    One video. That is all it took for my whole game plan to change. I expected a class on art, and it was, but there was so much more here. Victoria teaches mind, body and soul. She’s authentic, honest, bold and takes one on a journey of self-healing, self-love, and self-discovery. I often say this is the Phoenix of art classes. You walk in to learn and walk out a talented new person on the road to somewhere better than expected. I cannot recommend this class enough. The techniques appear simple, they’re not. Looks appear deceiving. Practice, Practice,Practice.

  7. Dthorset (verified owner)

    I had been a watercolor artist for 30 years, looking for a new challenge in modern art. I loved the look of geode art, but didn’t want to try resin. I thought , there must be a way to get this look with acrylics, which led me to Victoria’s beautiful paintings. Someone had already thought of this…I was home! On to my next adventure with this fun, practical, informative course. She is very encouraging and generous. One thing I loved was tips on how to set up your workspace and supply list…so well thought out and efficient. Very helpful for me as I adapted my studio for fluid acrylics. You will love this course!

    • Victoria Wynn

      Thank you so much for this incredible recommendation!! Looking forward to getting to know you!! -Victoria Wynn CEO, WYNN modern art.

  8. Cindy from Brush and Pour

    I was so excited to have found Victoria and her WYNN Modern Art courses. They are everything that an artist who is new to pour painting needs to know to get started. The information and tips in this course are presented in an easy to follow format and can be watched at your own leisure. Victoria is friendly, helpful and so funny. Her little hiccups during videos become honest training moments that help a new artist feel like they part of a group who is inclusive and fun.
    If you are tired of searching hours and hours of videos on your own and not getting concrete, friendly and useful information, Victoria’s courses are the perfect solution.

  9. Carolina Johnson (verified owner)

    Great class, helped me learn so much! Victoria is a super instructor!

  10. Michelle D. Whitley (verified owner)

    When I found Victoria’s work I was immediately intrigued. Her artwork grabbed my attention and was thrilled to discover she had classes, AND quality supplies. I decided then that I would invest in myself in education and top notch “ingredients” rather than fumble around on YouTube wasting hours of my time and LOTS of money! This decision has been one of the best I’ve ever made, not only for my art and my business, but for life in general. I am proud to call myself a long-time student and client of hers AND a LUXE artist for life. Victoria can help you do the same. Invest in yourself, you won’t regret it and I only wish I had found her sooner! ♥️

    Michelle Whitley
    Whitley’s Fine Artworks
    *coming soon Jan 2021*
    Dunedin, FL

  11. Stormy Hensberger (verified owner)

    Such a great course and wonderful teacher! Thank you Victoria for giving us the tools and confidence to be our best!!! Thanks again!!!

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