LUXE Gifts + Bonus Sales Course (Save 73%)

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You are purchasing a LUXE course that is in progress so you don’t have to wait months as my perfectionist self toils over every last detail (You’ll get to start now with the videos that are shot and truly start painting and learning- You’ll notice additions to the course often because each change I make, YOU see in real time!  Just refresh your course link every day to see what’s been added!) You can even make comments within the course and make requests or add questions.  If it makes sense to the flow of the course I’ll add the content you requested!  

*You have lifetime access to the course and can view it on any tablet, phone, tv or laptop!

This course is for you IF you can say YES to one of the below items!  

You love giving gifts to others  (this is So me) 

You’re an artist ready to step into some bravery in 2020!

You’re a hobbyist looking for high end, yet quicker forms of art (less mess than large canvas pieces and easily transportable) i.e. a friend’s house or to take along while traveling!

You want to sell more art and learn how to differentiate yourself from the rest of the 1000’s of artists out there

You find art meditative and are seeking solace from life’s stresses (including but not limited to anxiety, depression, PTSD and day to day stress)

You’re looking for an alternative to resin  ( we use a SAFE, non toxic product called LUXE WaterFX )

Be Sure To Watch This Video Before Purchasing! I tell ALL in it  😀


I teach 100’s of my sneaky tricks in this course including SECRETS I honestly didn’t think I’d ever divulge but I’m a teacher at heart, so it came to me loud and clear:

“Victoria, It’s time to teach the techniques you’ve innovated with LUXE WaterFX.  The questions come daily, it’s time you answered.”

I was like “Really God? Can’t I  have ‘some’ secrets with my art?” 

The answer was “nope”.   lol 


So I’m listening to that little voice and sharing EXACTLY how I create my waves that look like photographs and my marbling that looks like it was created using resin.

For this new LUXE Gift course I’ll be using the following products:
✔️LUXE WaterFX  
✔️Jewelry kit (coming soon) 
✔️ Metallic powders in Rose Gold, Prism, Opal, Rose Gold   
✔️Acrylic Paint (Liquitex Basics is great) or Acrylic Craft Paint is fine
for certain LUXE Gifts
✔️Wooden Meat & Cheeseboards (Amazon, IKEA, Etsy)
✔️ Wooden picture frames & Wooden Signs (Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, Dollar Tree)
✔️ Basics such as cups, paper towels, baby wipes, floetrol, condiment bottles, gloves
✔️Wooden Surfboards (available soon)

This course includes:

  • Detailed Supply lists of what I used with each lesson (including budget saving tips)
  • Sales guidance and marketing wins (I’ve been on ABC, NBC, featured in Forbes, Huff Post & was a Disney marketer)
  • Picture Frames that set yours apart from the rest
  • Jewelry (not acrylic skins, but hand painted little worlds in each piece of jewelry!)
  • Coasters using dried flowers
  • Wooden Surfboards (these can be attached to signs, frames, made into ornaments & more!)
  • Meat & Cheese Boards “Charcuterie Boards”
  • Wooden Word Signs (+ jaw dropping ombre effects)
  • Gold Leaf Tricks (No more tarnishing!)




Wondering why I qualify to discuss my secrets with you?

I’ve been featured on ABC, NBC, featured in Forbes, Huff Post and was a Disney marketer & designer.  I’ll be teaching my proven mindset hacks to let go of your limiting inner lies, quick & easy tricks to photographing your LUXE gifts, social media how-to’s and other secrets up my sleeve that I share freely in this course. 

And then when you’re ready to deep dive, purchase this course to sky rocket your career! 





After placing your order, your course will be automatically added to your account so you can start right away! 

Remember, if you’ve purchased this LUXE GIFTS course today, you have been invited into the BEHIND THE SCENES of it being built!  You’ll see me updating the course each day till it’s finally launched!  (End of Feb) 

That includes making your suggestions too!  (*Within the course you can comment and we will respond!)

*You have lifetime access to the course and can view it on any tablet, phone, tv or laptop!

NOTE from the CEO: It’s a common falsehood to think that only resin artists can create realistic oceanic, galaxy or geode art. If you’ve been playing with acrylics, you know that you can get absolutely stunning results and I’ve innovated a family SAFE “wet look” product to do so! This course teaches step by step, gorgeous ways to take OCEANS, MARBLING, OMBRE & GEODES to all new levels using the versatility of acrylics and WYNN modern art. LUXE Metallic Powders, LUXE Crushed Mirror & gemstones and LUXE WaterFX for a wet look (non resin- non hazardous & quick drying) !   


Thank you for pouring your soul into your creations with me!

-Victoria Wynn


(No refunds on educational courses)



LUXE Gifts + Bonus Sales Course (Save 73%)


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