LUXE Large Metallic Powder Jars


Packaging:  Collectible Clamp Lid Glass Jar

We are now selling LARGE jars of our top sellers!
We decided to double the size but not double the cost!

ROSE GOLD (Soft hue that Victoria uses for pretty much everything!)

GOLDEN GLOW (Classic yellow gold that Victoria uses with paintings that have a majority of black, deep purples and luxurious warm browns & cremes)

PLATINUM (Gorgeous in white ocean waves and making anything “Luxe”)

OPAL (Changes color depending upon the color of paint its mixed in with- this is pretty much magic dust!)


How-To VIDEOS below


Due to popular demand we now offer LARGE money saving clamp lid jars! They come in all our metallic shades! The more the merrier!
The same  LUXE Metallic Powders you see in so many of my LUXE fluid art pieces.
Not quite fluid and not quite glitter… It’s sheer magic for creating depth and shine!

Aside from gently and carefully pouring the powder atop your acrylic or resin creation, these powders work beautifully when stirred in your cup.


Pouring Medium + Fine Artist’s Acrylic Paint (or resin) + Any Color Luxe Metallic Powder = Life & Luster To Any Piece



*$15 FLAT rate shipping to the continental U.S. (no matter how large your order)

Contact us if you’re outside of the continental U.S.  ~We will find you the best rate possible!

LUXE Large Metallic Powder Jars

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2 oz in a collectible tin


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