The Lightning Kit + FREE Tote Bag


The long awaited Lightning Line is here! These colors light up as if with electricity!

I also use several of these colors in other color shifting pieces like my geodes and color shifting abstract flowers

This kit can be purchased on its own or along with the Celestial Skies Online Course to get you on the way to creating art that comes alive!

What’s In This Lightning Line Kit?

8 oz. BULK Silk Powder  *Color Shifts from lavenders to silky mints to buttery golds, similar to the sequins on a white ball gown. It’s a cosmetic grade (FDA approved) color shifting powder designed for art OR the skin & body.   On black it shifts to a fresh and bold green you’d see in a thunderstorm!

8 oz. BULK Night Tide Powder  *Color Shifts from periwinkle to champagne golds and coppers

8 oz. BULK Electric Powder *A cosmetic grade (FDA approved) color shifting powder designed for art OR the skin & body.  It shifts from white to an electrifying blue/purple shade of lightning.  On a light background it’s soft and pastel glowing lavender.

8 oz. BULK Twilight Powder  *Color Shifts from a deep marine blue to a striking sea green teal emulating a mysterious night sky.  A beautiful partner to the other colors in the Lightning Line!

+ Bonus Tote Bag for art supplies, groceries, beach bag or snack bag on the go!





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Enjoy the WYNN modern art. LUXE experience with this Lightning Line Kit in all its color shifting glory! I use this same kit of colors for my opal pieces, night skies and geodes.


The Lightning Kit + FREE Tote Bag


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