(Level 2) LUXE Master Class

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(Level 2) LUXE Master Class Overview

✔️ Color theory lesson

✔️ Creating veins and an organic look using plastic condiment bottles class

✔️ Advanced tips for using WYNN modern art. Metallic Powders

✔️ Creating an advanced two-canvas geode

INCLUDES: In depth videos, 100’s of my sneaky tricks, written explanations and supply lists


It’s a common falsehood to think that only resin artist’s can create stunning, realistic oceanic, galaxy or geode art. If you’ve been playing with acrylics, you know that you can get absolutely stunning results. This course shares innovative and gorgeous ways to take geodes to all new levels using the versatility of acrylics, pouring mediums and WYNN modern art. LUXE Metallic Powders and LUXE Crushed Mirror!

I recommend that you take the Level 1 LUXE Master Class (acrylic geodes) even if you are not a beginner but NEW to my techniques so you aren’t confused or lost. All of my other LUXE Fluid Art courses build on this foundational course.  The Level 1 LUXE Master Class gets advanced very quickly but is also perfect for anyone new to my style as I teach 100’s of my sneaky tricks in it including helpful supply lists and guidance on creating your workspace for efficiency and varnishing a resin- like top coat.





Course includes:

In depth videos, 100’s of my sneaky tricks, written explanations and supply lists

Thank you for pouring your soul onto canvas with me!


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(Level 2) LUXE Master Class

1 review for (Level 2) LUXE Master Class

  1. Cassie Mitchell (verified owner)

    I adore this class. After completing Level 1 LUXE Master Class this course was a perfect compliment. There is seamless continuity between the two classes. This course takes things to the next level, artistically and emotionally. I was diagnosed with PTSD over 10 years ago. I have done more healing since starting the WYNN modern art. courses than I ever did with any other intervention. While learning to create a gorgeous two panel geode with all Victoria’s sneaky little tricks, I also learned to breath through my emotions and my day while I processed them with art. I also learned to be mindful of the ebbs and flows of life and mental health recovery. And meditation! There is something cathartic about watching Victoria paint and watching my own paint glide across the canvas.

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