Electric LUXE Powder (Color Shifting) FDA Cosmetic

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Electric LUXE Powder is a bag filled with joy!  It’s a cosmetic grade (FDA approved) color shifting powder designed for art OR the skin & body.  It shifts from white to an electrifying blue/purple shade of lightning.  On a light background it’s soft and pastel glowing lavender.



🔥 Tip:  One of my secrets for a jaw dropping night sky or lightning piece of art is to add a splash of “Opal 2.0 Powder” throughout my piece for an extra special effect of an electric blue!


Packaging: 8oz. plastic bag filled to the max with joy

(VIDEO: Notice the color on the top (“Electric”) and how it looks on the black below the canvas!)

How-to-use videos below

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Electric is sheer perfection with the techniques in the Celestial Skies & Heavenly Clouds Course AND the  Realistic Seascape and Water Effects Course! (And of course, Lightning effects!)




Electric LUXE Powder (Color Shifting) FDA Cosmetic

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2 oz in a collectible tin


8 oz., 2 oz, 4 oz

1 review for Electric LUXE Powder (Color Shifting) FDA Cosmetic

  1. Tammy Ferguson

    Electric is amazing! It is my current favorite powder!!

    • Ken Lewis

      Thank you so much! It’s secretly one of my favorites too! 😆🙌

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