LUXE Druzy Clusters

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LUXE Druzy Clusters: For the most epic, glorious, shining geodes (or seashores) ever!! These are made of heat resistant glass so go nuts with the torch if you must in those gorgeous resin geodes of yours, our LUXE DRUZY CLUSTERS will withstand the heat 🔥 …and give your customers that wow factor!
No cheap plastic or material that’ll burn with torches for us, we WANT to see you succeed and how we help is by offering the highest quality products tested and packed with care.

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Add our LUXE Druzy Clusters to resin geode work, jewelry or acrylic fluid/flow art pieces (Hint: Add to acrylic when still wet and secure again with floetrol or non toxic LUXE WaterFX  to set pieces in well since these glass shards are a little larger)

PACKAGING: 10 oz. heat sealed bag

In the below “how to” video I’m using our Victorian Gold LUXE Crushed Mirror as an example and inspiration!

LUXE Druzy Clusters

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