Crimson LUXE Powder (Pearl)


New WYNN modern art. Pearl Powders: They’re satiny, they’re silky, they’re dreamy and oh so LUXE❗️

“Crimson” Pearl Powder is a deep, lustrous red with a pearl sheen for the ultimate in elegance developed for resin, acrylic and alcohol ink artists.



*We create our LUXE powders in the WYNN modern art. color lab so you won’t find our powders anywhere else!

Packaging: Arrives in a heat sealed bag of sparkling joy

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Our LUXE Pearl solid colors have a luxurious pearl sheen, a soft powdery feel and work beautifully in resin, acrylics and alcohol ink

Crimson LUXE Powder (Pearl)

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2 oz., 4 oz., 8 oz.


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