Cobalt LUXE Crushed Mirror 1lb.

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Cobalt LUXE Crushed Mirror is a deep, oceanic blue.

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Cobalt LUXE Crushed Mirror is especially jaw dropping along with golds, silvers and ocean hues.  It measures approximately 1/4″ pieces. It’s especially beautiful on larger canvases, geode molds or cradle boards.  It gives a gorgeous upscale look to any piece as it hits the paint taking on the look of gemstones.

Add it to resin geode work, jewelry or acrylic fluid/flow art pieces (Hint: Add to acrylic when still wet and secure again with floetrol or dabs of crazy glue to set pieces in well since these glass shards are a little larger)


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Standard packaging comes in a 1lb bag

Cobalt LUXE Crushed Mirror 1lb.

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1 review for Cobalt LUXE Crushed Mirror 1lb.

  1. Deborah Ronglien

    I love cobalt LUXE crushed mirror! It is one of my favorite Wynn products. Especially great for geode pours with it’s rich blue color and versatile with so many color pallettes ! Next to Antique crushed mirror this is my “go to” embellishment!

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