Wooden 3” Butterfly WINGS (Set of 6)

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Enjoy a variety of 6 butterflies wings (3”  tall) 🦋 ornately cut out of baltic birch (marine grade) wood. The same birch used in boats.

*We are custom creating each piece just for you! Please allow 4-5 days to cut your ornate piece of artistry- after that we ship 2-Day FedEx Express! 

I’m in love! And how perfect for spring! 🌺

✔️WHAT IS IT? 6 detailed cut out butterfly wings made of Baltic Birch wood

✔️Should I prime them before painting? Priming or using house paint with a primer in it is a good idea for all wood projects.

✔️ ARE THEY MOUNTED? No. These are free floating intricately cut panels.

✔️ HOW DO I DISPLAY? Paint the body and add the wings uniquely decorated with LUXE Powders, add the butterfly wings over an existing painting, paint them and then adhere them onto a beautiful piece of stone OR custom frame them with a white matte and simple black frame for an elegant show piece. The ideas are endless!

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Description: (6) Baltic Birch Wood butterfly wings ornately cut

3” tall

(1/8” thick)

Is it PAINTable? Yes
Is it RESINable? Yes
Is it GLUEable? Yes
Is this a detailed cut out and oh so intricate and divine? YES!



Contact us with your city and zipcode sent to if you’re outside of the continental U.S.  ~We will find you the best rate possible!

Wooden 3” Butterfly WINGS (Set of 6)

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