Baby Bird LUXE Powder (Pearl)


LUXE Pearl Powders: They’re satiny, they’re silky, they’re dreamy and oh so LUXE❗️

“Baby Bird” Pearl Powder is a calming spa light blue with a pearl sheen for the ultimate in elegance developed for resin, acrylic and alcohol ink artists.

FREE Tutorial using “Baby Bird” 🐦 Pearl Powder in RESIN!

Federico Portalupi (ART BY FED), our brand ambassador with over 2 million likes on tiktok, creates stunning memorial pieces and we are honored to be part of his repertoire of color and magic!

In the video above Federico used “Abalone” (a soft spearmint green) and Baby Bird (a soft powdery blue) in these resin pieces of nautical magic

🌍 ART BY FED also used one of his new LUXE MIRROR favorites, “Mother Earth” in the video above found here:

*We create our LUXE powders in the WYNN modern art. color lab so you won’t find our powders anywhere else!

Packaging: Arrives in a heat sealed bag of sparkling joy

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Our LUXE Pearl solid colors have a luxurious pearl sheen, a soft powdery feel and work beautifully in resin, acrylics and alcohol ink

Baby Bird LUXE Powder (Pearl)

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