Northern Lights- Aurora Green (Color Shifting)

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Aurora Green shifts from the same bold luminating green you see in Northern Lights photos, to a dark night time hue as you walk by it.

This is not glow-in-the-dark, but rather pigments & metals that play with light all day and all night in a beautiful dance. Because of the special effect of Aurora Green, it’s perfect for acrylic or resin galaxies, mysterious forests and northern lights art.

The Northern Lights Line of LUXE Powders is unlike anything we’ve ever launched! Enjoy free Northern Lights classes HERE


4 MORE Northern Lights Colors Available: 

Borealis Blue (Shifts from greens to blues as if lit up by electricity or bio luminescence)

Solar Purple shifts from a deep mysterious purple to a dark green that creates depth when used with the bolder colors.

Fire Rainbow (A show stopping LUXE color changing powder with a red & orange fiery effect when poured and sprinkled on BLACK acrylic or resin. For a unique effect, sprinkle or pour Fire Rainbow onto blue or dark purple geodes and Northern Lights art for a unicorn-esque effect, boasting purples, blues and mint

“Alaskan Sky” shifts from a bold teal blue to a rainbow of colors in the perfect light as you’d see a rainbow appear in a waterfall in the sun!

🔥 Tip:  One of my secrets for a jaw dropping Northern Lights piece of art is to add a splash of “Atlantic Blue” throughout my piece for an extra special effect of an electric blue!


Packaging: 8oz. plastic bag filled to the max with joy


Enjoy another how-to-use video below

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This color is sheer perfection with the techniques in the LUXE Gifts Online Course AND the  Realistic Seascape and Water Effects Course! (And of course, NORTHERN LIGHTS!)

Below is how I create my northern lights affects using these Northern Lights Powders! Sprinkle, toss or throw on top of your black, navy or deep purple background to watch it light up like bio luminescence and Northern Lights combined!

Not quite fluid and not quite glitter… It’s pure COLOR SHIFTING magic for creating depth and shine!

Northern Lights- Aurora Green (Color Shifting)

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2 oz in a collectible tin

1 review for Northern Lights- Aurora Green (Color Shifting)

  1. Helen Oakland

    Love the vibrancy of this fresh colour shifting green.
    It’s a winner for stunning dramatic northern lights pieces but don’t be limited to thinking that’s all you can use it in.
    I regularly use this fabulous green and sugest it deserves it’s place with your art supplies.

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