Antique LUXE Crushed Mirror 1lb.


Antique has a warm hue rather than a silver/cold hue. It picks up the color of the paint beneath it when using acrylics. It has a diamond like effect when it hits paint or used in resin art. (I personally use this LUXE Crushed Mirror more than any other due to how versatile it is for it’s chameleon affect taking on other colors when you need it!)

Watch how-to videos on using Warm Antique Crushed Mirror below!


The same LUXE Warm Antique Crushed Mirror you see in so many of my Luxe Fluid Art pieces.  It gives an elegant and upscale tone to any piece as it hits the paint taking on the look of gemstones and shine like no other.

Add it to resin geode work, jewelry or acrylic fluid/flow art pieces (Hint: Add to your acrylic/pouring medium mixture when still wet)



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Standard packaging comes in a 1lb package

Antique LUXE Crushed Mirror 1lb.

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