LUXE 3D Bubbles

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These LUXE 3D Bubbles are one of my personal favorite LUXE products ever!

They are iridescent GLASS bubbles.  They are not plastic, so they’ll work with any medium, and you’re not harming the environment!  3D Bubbles look like real bubbles (or stars when placed on black & blue)

Created for resin and acrylic artists 

Sizes of glass bubbles: 0.8 – 1mm


Watch how-to videos on using our 3D Bubbles below!





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If you really want to set your art apart, these LUXE 3D Bubbles will do it.  They’re luxuriously magnificent!

Add these LUXE 3D Bubbles to resin geode work, jewelry or acrylic fluid/flow art pieces and galaxies! (Hint: If using an acrylic/pouring medium mixture, add when still wet)

Arrives in a 2 oz. bag filled with joy!


LUXE 3D Bubbles

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