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Enjoy your journey through my artistic, connective “party page”! When I was raising my 5 kids, I made everything into a party. I wanted them to learn that life is fun and even the small things that happen in life deserve a little “party”. I wanted them to learn that celebrating- even the little things- puts the energy of gratitude into the world.

On that note, we are excited to feature your LUXE art! I’ve also shared some of my personal innovations to get your gears turning with inspiration. -Victoria Wynn CEO, WYNN modern art.

NOTE: We will also share 24 hr & 48 hr FLASH SALES here, in this nice, easy spot to visit each morning with your coffee and at night before bed as you wind down from your day being the amazing you that you are.

I want to encourage everyone to jump into this beautiful and healing form of art so for 2 days I’m offering 50% off ALL COURSES + 3 FREE LUXE Metallic Powders (Prism, Golden Glow & Rose Gold)

( 50% off COURSE flash sale! + 3 Free Gifts) *ends Tuesday Jan 14th midnight MST

1. Organize your space– if not the whole room then at least the table you’re be working on (keep items you need a lot of such as paper towels, sticks, cups, LUXE Metallic Powders, tweezers and LUXE Crushed Mirror) next to you

2. Take a deep breath before starting with thoughts like “I deserve this self love time”, “I help others so much, its okay to spend an hour helping me”, “I want to feel as free as a 5 year old”

3. Be sure to strain your floetrol beforehand and make sure there are not cottage cheesy chunks. Here in Utah I had gone through about 75 gallons of floetrol then all of a sudden they shipped huge batches that were all cottage cheesy– just get cheese cloth and strain what you need that day if you’re short on time. I ruined a 3 ft x 3ft painting by pouring the floetrol without checking it

4. Turn off your phone from notifications- they are distractions that take you out of “flow”.

You got this!!

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The Rules Are Simple….

1. You must use any WYNN modern art. LUXE product(s) in your creation (anything but canvas/cradle board).  We want to see your creativity! Examples: Resin Pyramids, Resin Bowls, Acrylic Skin Jewelry, Wooden Signs, Clocks, Cheese boards, bird houses, you name it!  As long as its a LUXE creation besides canvas/cradle board art. (*On certain weeks I’ll be choosing a winning piece and sending you a $100 WYNN modern art. LUXE Gift Box)

Step 1: Email photos of your LUXE art (multiples are welcome!) There is NO deadline!
Step 2: The email should have this info: What LUXE product(s) you’ve used in your non-canvas creation along with your physical mailing address (in case you’re a chosen winner!)
Step 3: Check this page often to see your art featured and other artist’s beautiful creations. Feel free to share this link to further promote your work with friends and future customers!

*If you’ve been featured, share this link to show your friends and potential customers on social media! Also feel free to connect with any of the below artists!

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