Northern Lights For Acrylic & Resin Artists


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New Opal 2.0 LUXE Powder is a cosmetic grade (FDA approved) color shifting powder designed for art OR the skin & body.   

Opal 2.0 gives an opalescent, crystalline effect on white, a lavender glisten on creme and an unforgettable blue/green iridescent color shift when added to black or navy! (Imagine the body of a shimmering tropical fish in the Caribbean)








Before scrolling on, please know that though these classes on this page are free, that doesn’t mean they are easy. 🙂

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Color Choices!


We are thrilled to announce New LUXE Super Nova Powder developed for resin and acrylic artists!

The Northern Lights Line along with its complementary powders (such as SUPER NOVA) are unlike anything we’ve ever launched!


Below is a creation using LUXE Super Nova Powder along with accents of Atlantic Blue Powder, Magenta Powder and New 3D Bubbles!



Add a sprinkling of our New LUXE 3D Bubbles to create planets, stars and moons!




CLICK BELOW to PURCHASE individual Northern Lights colors:

Borealis Blue shifts from teal greens to dark blues as if lit up by electricity. It sparkles both in the day and night as you walk by and it dances along with the light.

Because of this special effect, Borealis Blue is perfect for acrylic or resin waves, galaxies, bio luminescent oceans and northern lights art!

“It’s got the wow factor that’s boosting my sales in a time when artists are struggling!” Michelle from Los Angeles, California

Aurora Green shifts from the same bold luminating green you see in Northern Lights photos, to a dark night time hue as you walk by it.

This is not glow-in-the-dark, but rather pigments & metals that play with light all day and all night in a beautiful dance. Because of the special effect of Aurora Green, it’s perfect for acrylic or resin galaxies, mysterious forests and northern lights art.

“It looks just like the Northern Lights you see in all the photos! My mind is blown!” Linda from New Paltz, New York

Fire Rainbow is a show stopping LUXE color changing powder with a red & orange fiery effect when poured and sprinkled on BLACK acrylic or resin.

For a unique effect, sprinkle or pour Fire Rainbow onto blue or dark purple geodes and Northern Lights art for a unicorn-esque effect, boasting purples, blues and mint (see image to the left for that effect)

“This color shocked me! It’s so versatile and completely different on black vs. purple!” Nancy from London, UK

Solar Purple shifts from a deep mysterious purple to a dark green that creates depth when used with the bolder colors.

The pigments & metals in Solar Purple play with light all day and all night in a beautiful dance. It is perfect for acrylic or resin galaxies, geodes and northern lights art.

“I can see why this color sells out a lot! Buy a lot when it’s in stock, it’s a top seller for my art collecting customers.” Jen from San Antonio, Texas



What do you need besides our Northern Lights Powders? 

  • Something to paint on (ie canvas, wooden wall art, tumbler, jewelry, clock face etc…)
  • Acrylic or resin in black/navy and/or deep purple
  • A touch of white for my acrylic nebulus trick
  • Floetrol if you’re an acrylic artist
  • Embellishments are fun to use and add great resale value to your art (LUXE Diamond Chips, LUXE Genuine Gemstones or LUXE Crushed Mirror)
  • Adventurous attitude!
  • (and a bank account to put all the money in from your sales- our feedback is that customers are selling their art from 1 day to 1 week using the techniques shared here and our array of LUXE Metallic Powders

1. Toss or sprinkle onto ANY acrylic or resin art *The more added, the stronger the effect* (see videos below for techniques I’ve innovated)

2. A background of black, dark blue or deep purples set these Northern Lights powders off as if lit up by electricity!

3. A marbled background of Navy & Black adds incredible depth and visual interest to your piece

4. While still wet, add our LUXE Genuine Gemstones or LUXE Crushed Mirror for a meteor effect and extra dimension

5. Adding a dash of ​ LUXE Atlantic Blue Powder​ and LUXE Copper Powder​ is a trick of mine that creates stunning results and a whole lot of head turning.  Why? I’m not sure why it’s so striking next to the Northern Lights Powders other than the bold orange shine from the Copper Powder looking like an ethereal sun beam and glow of luminosity along with the Atlantic Blue Powder having a deep and mysterious allure.   









Embellishments I personally use in my Northern Lights Art:

(Click the item below to for pricing and more videos!)

LUXE Diamond Chips

LUXE Crushed Mirror in Antique, Black Diamond, Oasis or Clear Silver

LUXE Atlantic Blue Powder

LUXE Copper Powder

LUXE Genuine Aquamarine

LUXE Genuine Rose Quartz

LUXE Genuine Citrine

LUXE Opal 2.0 Powder

LUXE 3D Bubbles





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  • May 17, 2020 at 7:48 pm

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the northern lights videos! You are just the best! I just received my fire rainbow, already have all the other colors and cannot wait to use them. I’m so very very impressed with everything Wynn related. From your exceptional products to outstanding customer service and even your personal emails. It is so refreshing to deal with such remarkable people and I cannot thank you enough for all you do. Like I’ve told you before, you have a customer for life!

    • May 17, 2020 at 7:53 pm

      Oh my gosh Ann, thank you!! You made my day! That comment was some serious virtual chocolate chip cookies! lol As far as I know, you can add links to your comments so when you start creating, feel free to comment with your Northern Lights art so we can all see it! (If your link is from a facebook post, just make sure its set to “public”) I’m so thrilled to see your work. Can you tell?! lol -Victoria

  • May 18, 2020 at 12:34 pm

    Such a generous pay it forward in this time of stress for everyone. Thank you so much. I expect my order any day now & am so anxious to use those beautiful, sparkling colors. .

    • May 18, 2020 at 8:59 pm

      Thank you so much for commenting! I can’t wait to see what you create!! xoox


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