My TOP 10 list of Fluid Art Truths

This one’s for the artist’s out there NEW to fluid art, flow art and resin art.

My TOP 10 list of Fluid Art Truths

1. Create for the love of it FIRST, sell second 

2. Assume all your socks will be ruined

3. Assume the floor despite plastic and tarps will be ruined (aka artistically enhanced)

4. Cells aren’t the end all. I sold a $3k painting with not a cell in sight

5.  Chop off hair (or put it in a pony tail)

6. Mix more than you think you’ll need

7. Artists don’t have to be poor, but a paid one DOES have to work diligently and know their way around marketing and social media

8. Don’t worry about rejection, this is for you first and foremost ❤️ Have fun!

9. Say sorry to your manicurist

10. Keep it simple. I typically choose 2-3 colors including white– remember, white is magical! (as is Floetrol)

And my personal favorite… Stay in the mindset of abundance. Your art will be stunning coming from this energy. ✨
Use the supplies you’ve always wanted! Add metallic powders, rocks and crushed glass. Get great canvases. Use as much pouring medium as you darn well please!Give to charities. Make sure you do pieces for yourself weekly, simply for the fun of it!

-Victoria Wynn

CEO and LUXE Fluid Artist, WYNN modern art.



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My TOP 10 list of Fluid Art Truths

2 thoughts on “My TOP 10 list of Fluid Art Truths

  • November 18, 2018 at 9:33 am

    I’ve only been pouring for about six weeks. Thanks for this post; it speaks to exactly where my heart and head is at this moment. I’m so glad I discovered you today. My life in acrylic pouring has already been enhanced.

    #fan Lion Queen

    • November 21, 2018 at 2:47 pm

      I see a beautiful friendship blossoming! Thank you for those inspiring words! I follow you as well now and love what I see! ?


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