The (Level 1) LUXE Master Class is here! We’ve been perfecting and testing it for several months with acrylic pouring fans like yourself. With that launch has come a lot of great questions!


I’ve been featured on FOX TV for my LUXE Fluid Art and have over 800+ studio hours under my belt.I thought it would be fun to have Q&A sessions on some of my most common questions in my blogs! 

Here are some commonly asked resin vs. acrylic questions!

Q: “Victoria, do you create your geode art in resin?” 

A: No, my geodes are created with fine artist’s acrylic paints, a pouring medium and WYNN modern art. LUXE products all of which are non toxic.  

Q: “I’ve been reading up on resin, is it as harmful as I’ve been reading?”

A: When I innovated my LUXE Acrylic Geode techniques,  I had no idea just how serious working with resin was. I later found out that part of why people were so excited about my “resin looking” geodes was due to their mild to severe reactions to resin. The reports are abundant and though beautiful, worth researching. 

The great news is, my methods create an organic, realistic looking geode!

Q: “Can I have someone else put a resin coat on top of my geode, I really like the reflective look of resin.”

A: Yes! Absolutely.  I have a nearby shop do that for me. For other pieces I prefer the look of the high gloss varnish I use in my studio.

The first edition WYNN modern art. Newsletter just went out today!  With your VIP subscription comes promo codes, a chance to be a featured artist and juicy Q&A’s along with tips on selling your art!

Here’s to “pouring” out our souls!

Victoria Wynn, LUXE Fluid Artist

CEO, WYNN modern art. 


Victoria Wynn

Victoria Wynn describes herself as an introverted people lover. She’s a passionate and heart centered LUXE Fluid Artist and CEO of WYNN modern art. She can be found in Forbes, Fox TV, working with Disney and in women’s magazines globally as she writes and speaks on business, love and art. For Victoria, creating this innovative style of art and using her WYNN modern art. LUXE products like crushed mirror, gemstones and metallic powders is a spiritual experience, a source of meditation and a means to help people manage the stresses of the world.

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