INNER PEACE: Managing Life’s Pain Points

My goal in life is inner peace. I’ve taken a new approach at life. If it hinders my peace I find a solution for it. For me, that’s looked like things like…

? Cleanliness. I’d find myself frustrated while painting because there wasn’t organization in my art room. I couldn’t find things at a moments notice in the middle of a painting. It made art semi stressful until I handled that pain point.

? Money. When money gets tight I have an honest conversation with myself about what needs to go. What am I holding onto that’s causing me more stress than joy? I’ve been lovingly letting go of it.

? Family. I felt distant from a few of my kids. It hurt. I changed it. I looked at how I could do things differently and engage more deeply. Reach out. Invite. Love more openly. It changed everything.

? Space. I need less room for some things and more room for others. For me that’s smaller living quarters and larger art studio space. And that’s because space for a huge couch doesn’t bring me peace but painting a huge canvas does.

?Clothing. I don’t feel great in a lot of my clothes. It’s a pain point. So out with the old, in with the new. Confidence matters. Color matters. I matter. So I’ve been working on that pain point with new clothing and saying bye and thanks to that which no longer serves me.

? This is a piece I created yesterday. I’ve been busy with these big changes in life and haven’t been painting as much.

I’m back! ??

INNER PEACE: Managing Life’s Pain Points

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