What’s The Best Way To Get A Website❓

As a marketer for artists and creatives, I get this question a lot:

I want to leave Etsy or have more than just Etsy. What kind of website should I get?
How about go daddy? 🤔

Me: I am no expert on the topic but thought I’d simply share my experiences and articles I found with basic google searches.
If you ARE an expert, comment your thoughts below with links too!

First off… Regarding Go Daddy, they offer different services. So you can purchase your domain name from them but after that, it’s a huge question of what platform your website should be built on.

Everyone is different! Is your site informational or trying to sell something?

I’ll gear this blog to those trying to sell since I coach artists and creatives on building their business and making a living off doing what they love. (More about that HERE)

🧹 Some people have developers and coders to do their dirty work for them. (I did when my site was built 2.5 years ago though I painstakingly learned the ropes last year and have been maintaining it myself 🏆 )

Others are best suited for a simple squarespace or wix site that’s user friendly (but note, it’s limited in some ways like where you can put images and text).

🛒 I looked into Shopify, but found their cost to be quite high for what I needed- but remember, I have over 160 products and 9 online courses on WynnModernArt.com so I require much more than the average 🐻  !

Go daddy now has developers that will build a WordPress site (I have WordPress), so you can get the best of both worlds but the starting cost was over $2k for me for my site rebuild and then $175/month



💴 So it depends greatly on budget and how much work you want to do (or learn).

There’s pros and cons to all website builders!

Here’s a random HELPFUL article I found through a google search: 👇

Best Website Builders for Small Businesses 2021



(Just focus on the top 5 or so for now, no need to overwhelm yourself 🤯)



To summarize on a personal level,

I’ve used squarespace when helping a client. Super easy but super limited as to design options.

I’ve hired developers and used WordPress. It’s highly customizable (if your developer is good enough). I’ve had both- good and bad developers.

I got fed up with WordPress and all it’s glitches that I looked into Shopify in 2020 only to find out that for all the services I would need, it was extremely costly.

I later find out that Go Daddy has a development team that could update my current website, clean it up and manage all the headaches with a monthly cost.

So! I’ve hired go daddy’s development team to manage my current WordPress site and build something cleaner looking and more simplistic. I paid but haven’t used their services yet.

I’m Too busy making money to stop the momentum and work with their developers on my site. I will soon though to see if they’re as good as the sales guys said they are. Lol

🔥  MARKETING TIP: (since that’s my expertise outside of LUXE Fluid Art)

Keep your Etsy page and use it to funnel people to your new website. They charge enough! Mine as well use them for what they’re good at, bringing in the eyeballs. (Aka the audience)

When someone makes an Etsy purchase, add your business card to the order sending them to your website!

What’s The Best Way To Get A Website❓

Victoria Wynn

Victoria Wynn describes herself as an introverted people lover. She’s a passionate and heart centered LUXE Fluid Artist and CEO of WYNN modern art. She can be found in Forbes, Fox TV, working with Disney and in women’s magazines globally as she writes and speaks on business, love and art. For Victoria, creating this innovative style of art and using her WYNN modern art. LUXE products like crushed mirror, gemstones and metallic powders is a spiritual experience, a source of meditation and a means to help people manage the stresses of the world.

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