I want to let you in on a dream of mine.  I believe that when we ask and share our dreams, somehow they begin to manifest. I can see this vision in my mind’s eye and almost taste the reality of it. I ache for a gallery of my own so I can design the experience from the moment you walk in the doors to the carefully designed rooms you step into with their own personality to the delicious food and warm" thank you" as you leave.

In this gallery I’ll have a room just for my Air Plant Fluid Art pieces.  Plants everywhere in these large and small artistic pieces I’ve created.  It’ll be serene and gorgeous with soothing music.  Next you’ll enter into the Ocean Room with the sounds of waves crashing and smell of sea salt in the air. It’ll be where all my ocean, sea shore and water pieces will reside. Another room will be the Earth Room where lighting will be just dim enough to set off the shine of my intricate geode and agate art with their crystals and mirror glass and metallic paints.  It’ll be a sight to be seen and surreal to the attendee.


This gallery will have other “stop you in your tracks” rooms but a vital part of my vision is a wall of windows.  Behind the glass (with the press of the button) you’ll see me at certain times, in creative flow. Spectators will be able to see how I work, the innovative techniques I use and what my studio looks like during creation time.  I will paint art as I feel called to it… I don’t have set painting times now and I won’t then. I follow my heart and intuition on what times I should paint.

It’ll make it that much more fun if you happen to come in on a day the glass is transparent.  You’ll be able to tweet to others “Victoria Wynn is here painting live in her studio!” 

I love watching artists create, so I’m going to offer this up to my fans and followers.  I’m a painter but I’m also an experience designer. I want the public to have a unique, unforgettable experience in my gallery.  Something that inspires people to hang art in their homes or take classes themselves.  ...Something that brings peace in a very uncertain world.


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