Entrepreneur or Visionary? (…or both)

?PARKING LOT PONDERINGS: I was listening to a speaker today talk about grit and the rough days of an entrepreneur. That if you haven’t had those terribly rough stressful days,you’re probably not an entrepreneur- you’re in a bubble or mislabeling yourself. 

?I used to think I was an entrepreneur and somewhere last year I realized I wasn’t. I was a visionary…but not an entrepreneur. Things have changed. I get it now. I sell specialized art products now, I speak and teach classes now, I do custom painting commissions now, I deal with shipping now, I deal with customer service now. 

? Some days are so high-mostly when the reviews come in to WYNN modern art. or I get shutouts on social media. (Had a good one today ?)  They’re not all financial highs, but they show me that my art and my art products have put a smile on someone’s face. Doing what I love and spreading the happiness makes my world go round.  

✔️ So this speaker today was saying even if you’re not an entrepreneur buying huge houses and Ferrari’s, if you love what you do, you’ve won. ? That’s not to say I want to get rid of my Maserati from a nice corporate gig I once had, but to my point- I DON’T have the travel budget yet or huge houses and I do have lots of “raman noodle days” still. 

? So as I sit in a Walmart parking lot pondering some bumpy moments today, I hear Gary Vaynerchuk’s  advice in my head that I’m OKAY and I am on path. ❤️ 

-Victoria Wynn

President, Wynn Modern Art.

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Entrepreneur or Visionary? (…or both)

Victoria Wynn

Artist, innovator, mother, and friend I am always looking for the best ways to express myself and help others do the same. In every piece of art, in every class I teach, and in every product I offer to create LUXE fluid art pieces I share love and healing that comes from being able to express myself in these ways. I hope to share as much as I can with all of you!

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