Creating LUXE Coasters As A Family!

Join me for a LIVE class in Utah OCTOBER 26th 2:00-4:00pm and create 8 LUXE coasters using NEW LUXE WaterFX and sought after LUXE Metallic Powders in a small class for individualized attention. You’ll learn how to take these skills home to your family where your littlest will have fun right along with grandma and grandpa!

Thank you to FOX 13’s “THE PLACE” for featuring me as we discuss connecting as a family through art!



Here’s a simple 5 item supply list!


  • Add felt to the back so the coasters don’t scratch table tops
  • Seal with modge podge (dishwasher safe variety as it’ll be strong against heat)
  • Some seal with an aerosol engine sealer as it resists heat like hot tea cups!
  • The LUXE WaterFX product creates intense marbling when poured directly onto your acrylic paint. Tilt a little and watch the magic happen!


Love thine neighbor with a simple gift as the weather gets chilly and a reminder that you appreciate them or for a loved one not feeling so well. This little get well gift will lift their spirits for sure! It features dried flowers, LUXE WaterFX, acrylics in gold and white and the gorgeous shine is LUXE Golden Glow Powder!

Here’s a beautiful idea for a birthday or thank you gift. There’s nothing like the serenity of the ocean! These seascape coasters are always well received by my family and friends! That wildly beautiful golden shine is LUXE Rose Gold Powder with plenty of LUXE WaterFX!

This coaster works great for fall OR spring gift giving and it’s so simple! Just tangerine acrylic paint + floetrol + LUXE WaterFX and a sprinkle of LUXE Opal Powder!


  • Use aluminum roasting pans for paint run off or a cookie sheet covered in plastic. I use 3M painters film (I got mine from Home Depot)
  • Use latex or rubber gloves (I got mine from Dollar Tree)
  • Use simple metal drying racks for the paint to drip off the coasters (I got mine from Dollar Tree)

We love our students! Thanks for joining me in my Utah LIVE Classes and my 5-Star ONLINE COURSES!

Use Promo Code: GEODE10 for 10% off of including online courses and LUXE products, even gift cards!

Thanks for joining me in pouring my soul onto canvas with YOU!

Victoria Wynn

CEO, WYNN modern art. & LUXE Fluid Artist

Creating LUXE Coasters As A Family!
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Victoria Wynn

Victoria Wynn describes herself as an introverted people lover. She’s a passionate and heart centered LUXE Fluid Artist and CEO of WYNN modern art. She can be found in Forbes, Fox TV, working with Disney and in women’s magazines globally as she writes and speaks on business, love and art. For Victoria, creating this innovative style of art and using her WYNN modern art. LUXE products like crushed mirror, gemstones and metallic powders is a spiritual experience, a source of meditation and a means to help people manage the stresses of the world.

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