Sample of BEGINNER’S MASTER CLASS (Geode Course)

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Welcome to this magical world of acrylics I’ve been putting my heart and soul into! I’m a geode lover! I have been since I was a little girl so I began working tirelessly on techniques I could innovate to create beautiful, jaw dropping, geode art. This course is extensive! I urge you to practice each technique once we start playing with paint!

Note: I realize some of you are from outside the U.S. and don’t have easy access to my supplies. If you’d like WYNN modern art to ship LUXE supplies to you, email with your city and zipcode for a quote (subject line “Quote Please”)

If you’re in Canada (we get a lot of amazing Canadian artists purchasing courses) shipping is $50. If that works for you, please email to process a LUXE product order!

I love that we as artists are all over the world supporting one another! Welcome to my online class!!

The Full Course Lessons Include: 

Lesson: Prepping your workspace for efficiency

Lesson: Myths, mysteries & answers to LUXE Fluid Art  

  • Topic- Pouring mediums
  • Topic- Creating graceful movement 
  • Topic- Adding LUXE Crushed Mirror
  • Topic- How to use LUXE Metallic Powders

Lesson: Color theory for LUXE Fluid Artists 

  • Topic- Winning color combinations

Lesson: Tricks & Tips 

  • Topic- Tricks for using LUXE Metallic Powders for geodes work  
  • Topic- Tips for working with acrylic metallic paints 

Lesson: LUXE Fluid Art on a budget 

  • Topic- Using items around the house!
  • Topic- Making the best out of online sales 
  • Topic- Repurposing & recycling

Lesson: Varnishing (Do’s and Don’ts)

  • Topic- What’s worked
  • Topic- What hasn’t

Lesson: Creating veins for marbling your geode art

  • Topic- Supplies needed 
  • Topic- Consistency

Lesson: GRAND FINALE VIDEO of myself (full time LUXE Fluid Artist featured on Fox TV & Forbes) stringing all the steps you’ve learned into a video where I create a gorgeous geode, talking you through each step.

  • Topic- What materials were used in this piece?

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Sample of BEGINNER’S MASTER CLASS (Geode Course)