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LUXE Coasters! (Online Course)

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It’s finally unveiled!  I’m extremely proud of this course-  Enjoy it’s step-by-step format!

I began innovating ACRYLIC coasters for my FOX TV morning show segment. I wanted to create something on TV that brings families together AND teaches those that don’t think they were artistic, just how artistic they really are with the right tools and instruction.

 You can view the courses on your phone, laptop, desktop and tablets no matter where you are around the world. Also you’ll have lifetime access to the course so you can watch it over and over!

Beginners to advanced
Preteens to grandpa (younger w/ supervision)
Acrylic lovers who want the shine of resin


Introduction & Mindset for Success

Lesson 1: LUXE Coaster Supply List

Lesson 2: Painting Prep Without A Mess

Lesson 3: My Favorite Acrylic Recipe

Lesson 4: Using LUXE Metallic Powders for Mind Blowing Results

Lesson 5: LUXE Fluid Art On A Budget

Lesson 6: My Sneaky Tricks: Marbling, Beaches & Dried Flowers

Lesson 7: “Wet Look” Top Coat Without Resin

Free Bonus Lesson: Fun Ideas For Gift Giving & Successful Selling

Toddler Bonus Lesson: Making An Earth Ornament With A Toddler

Supply List:


    • Acrylic Paint ( not craft paint ) Try Liquitex Basics or better

    • Aluminum pans & baking racks to set inside your tray (Dollar Tree)

    • Flood Floetrol (hardware stores)

    • 4" tiles to paint on (Hardware stores)

    • Stir Sticks for paint stirring (Dollar Tree, craft stores or Amazon)

    • Plastic cups for stirring paint (Dollar tree)

    • Paper towels and gloves for clean up and tidiness

    • Carpet Tape & Felt for the backing (Home Depot for the tape and craft stores for felt)

    • Optional: Dried Flowers to set your coasters apart!

    • Rubbing Alcohol to give your tiles a quick "degreasing rub down"

    • This is a great coaster backinghttps://www.amazon.com/Self-Adhesive-Coasters-Squares-Adhesive-Backed-Blisstime/dp/B07KC41T5N/ref=mp_s_a_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=blisstime+self+adhesive+backing+for+coasters&qid=1604536111&sr=8-4

    • An adventurous spirit!


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--No Refunds On Educational Courses-

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