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16 PIECE LUXE Cosmetic kit

$99 $185
This luxurious 16 piece kit includes 20 grams of each cosmetic powder color and 7 grams of each cosmetic flake in an easy-twist container perfect suited to fit easily in make up bags, purses and the car.
Use our FDA approved LUXE Powders & Flakes as an additive to your favorite skin lotions, eye gels, lip gloss, hair styler, nail product and bath bombs
… OR directly apply  from our easy-twist containers.
FDA approved safe for face, body, hair and nails

Our LUXE Cosmetic Line signifies our loyalty to excellence, quality control and a guarantee each cosmetic product is made in the U.S.A. under strict guidelines. 

10 LUXE Color Shifting Powders (FDA Approved safe for skin, hair, soaps & body) 20g
2 LUXE Shimmer Flakes (FDA Approved safe for skin, hair, soaps & body) 7g

4 Accessories (1 purse lotion bottle, 1 eye & cheek make up sponge, 1 funnel + 1 popsicle applicator for  wet or dry use)

Colors Included (20g):
Summer Berry LUXE Powder (in this kit only)
Sorcery  LUXE Powder
Electric  LUXE Powder
Silk  LUXE Powder
Chantal's Comet  LUXE Powder
Opal 2.0  LUXE Powder
Pixie Wing  LUXE Powder
Sinatra  LUXE Powder
Alaskan Sky  LUXE Powder
Pink Diamonds  LUXE Powder
Flakes Included (7g)
Rainbow Mist 
Morning Dew 
Tips & Sneaky Tricks
Relish in the color shifting iridescence of each color!
For example, using “Sorcery” in a clear gloss compared to a pink gloss will get you completely unique results! Each color has a varied effect depending upon your base color offering you the “sky’s the limit” approach to make up and skin care!

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