WYNN modern art.

Soft Men’s UV Fishing Shirt (Style: Navy/Grey Button Up)

$59 $75

At WYNN modern art we love the sea and a good sparkling lake and the gear to go with!
We know that many of our fisher men and women are using our LUXE Powders in boat paint, lures and other boating accessories and gear, this UV Protective shirt has been created with you in mind!


THE FIT:  It hangs in such a way that your buffness is accentuated and last night’s BBQ is minimized 😁

THE GOAL: That all shirts WMA offers are like that favorite shirt in your closet that you’ve kept 20 years cause it’s so comfy and you look damn good in it!  

⚠️Limited Stock⚠️

UV Button Up Details:
  • 65/35 polyester/cotton twill 
  • Great for layering over a T
  • UV protection 
  • Button up styling for casual fishing wear or nightlife  
Material Details
65/35 polyester/cotton twill


Product Weight

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