Butterfly Wings *Limited Edition* (Color Shifting)


This holographic periwinkle/ ocean blue LUXE Powder is drop dead gorgeous. It was created in the WYNN modern art. Color Lab as all our colors are. No one else has our exact blend or colors!

(A portion of “Butterfly Wings” proceeds is donated to the non profit: The Butterfly House) 



I didn’t realize just how much I needed to relax until I flew to St. Louis and spent time at the Butterfly House. I thought I’d see what would happen if I was still and put out only thoughts of gratitude and kindness.

I couldn’t believe what happened. They landed on me. They flew by my face and they danced for me.

It inspired me to create a new LUXE Powder using every color I saw in them.

This color is dedicated to the butterflies 🦋 and a portion of its proceeds will go to The Butterfly House 

They don’t know it yet - I can’t wait to surprise them as your orders come in!



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